metal additive


In order to offer more capabilities to our customers and offer them new industrial solutions, we decided to launch 3D metal printing. 3D Metal printing makes it possible to manufacture and duplicate any small part.

The process offered by EAC is based on a revolutionary technique, as well being intelligent and different to produce. This 3D printing technique is fusion-free. It is more efficient than laser fusion, and it is also more productive. This results is a level of quality and accuracy that is superior to anything else that exists today. This technology provides a better finish to the part, making it ideal for development of luxury metallic ornaments. Production is fast and the manufactured parts are stackable unlike laser fusion. For this new manufacturing technique, no support is required.

› Superior quality and precision in manufacturing
› Attention to all details
› Manufacturing of custom-made parts (very complex if necessary)
› Printing speed
› Use and welding of various materials